The She Is A CEO Foundation is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization founded to encourage entrepreneurship, build self-esteem, independence and the love of charity among young girls and women. Through its programs, the foundation strives to create entrepreneurs one little girl at a time and support other organizations that educate and enrich the lives of girls.


1) To encourage and inspire girls to become Entrepreneurs/CEOs

2) To provide inspiration, opportunity, capital and scholarships for young female entrepreneurs

3) To support charities and provide scholarships for those with the least; particularly those providing food, shelter, education, healthcare and resources for underprivileged girls and their families in the US and Africa

4) To expose underprivileged girls to culture, art and other unique experiences

5) To provide resources and education for girls to pursue STEM based businesses


What makes all the difference between a program that inspires and a program that fails is the passion of its leaders.
The people we trust to love on our girls believe wholeheartedly that this organization is the definition of living life with purpose.

Johntè Archer, JD

Founder & CEO

I believe in our girls, some at the verge of greatness and others on the cusp of losing it all. All of them were me at one time. But the greatest gift I was ever given was a chance.

Yassmin Ibrahim

Vice President

Yassmin believes that girls should be reminded to uplift one another. Bullied for her native Ethiopian dialect and language barrier when she entered the US at the age of 12, she is passionate about teaching girls self awareness, acceptance of others, and to dream beyond their circumstances.

Urica Chevis

Board Member, Secretary

Urica says that “giving to these girls does more for me than it does for them.” She believes we are all little girls inside who need healing and giving to others is the best medicine!

Dr. Ashandra Batiste

Board Member

Volunteerism has been a part of Dr. Batiste’s fabric since a very young age. She has not only had memorable mentors in her own life, but has been blessed to pay it forward to other youth. She believes every girl deserves to have female mentors and role models to emulate.

Lyndsey Brantley

Board Member, Finance Chair

Lindsey believes that STEM is a key component to equipping future female CEOs. She is committed to exposing girls to STEM based businesses and the importance of STEM in order to stay competitive.

Fern Carty Dawkins, JD

Board Member

Fern is a girl champion and community leader. She aspires to give little girls more access to successful CEO’s and expose them to franchising and other industries they may not have otherwise be exposed to.

Next Steps…

Want to know how you can help? We have so many opportunities to volunteer for upcoming school year programs, speaker’s series, and annual fundraising events. Or simply click on our donate link to give any dollar amount to support a girl to participate in our programs!